Chimiaran Co. Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes


About us:

Chimiaran Co., manufacturer of polymer additives was found in 1994, with the aim of breaking down import monopoly of Iran PVC stabilizers market. This knowledge-based private company utilizes cutting-edge technologies and experienced experts to manufacture products which are competitive not only in local market but also in professional international market.
Our polymer additives include PVC stabilizers and lubricants for plastics,
rubbersand resins. These products are also available in a wide variety of forms and formulation.

Chimiaran products first designed for manufacturing pipes and then have been extended to the other fields. Now, we provide solutions for pipes & fittings, Drainage, Heliflex and Corrugated Pipes for agricultural use, Technical Profiles, Window Profiles, Films & Sheets, Wires & Cables, Hygienic Artifacts, Hoses, Shoes & Boots, Transparent and Opaque Granules, and also a wide variety of other applications.

Chimiaran Co. mission is to satisfy clients by creating an integrated system based on recognizing customer needs, high quality production, innovation, use of advanced technology and providing after sale services. Our customer oriented goals are also aligned with ecological requirements. Chimiaran Co. is the first Iranian manufacturer of eco-friendly Ca/Zn organic stabilizers (2010)

Believing in Research & Development, production of high quality products and team efforts led Chimiaran Co. to be able to export the first party of its products in less than 10 years after establishment; as a next development our company could access to world class additive production in Asian, African and European markets. Our company offers unique PVC additives with the achievements that are summarized below:


  • Certificate of R&D department from  Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade – 2009
  • Exemplary R&D department in Iran plastic industry festival - 2011
  • Exemplary exporter in Iran plastic industry festival – 2014
  • Knowledge-based certification- 2016
  • ISO 9001:2008  quality control system - 2017
  • ISO 17025  quality standard for – 2017


Missions and Vision:

Chimiaran Vision:

To become an international corporation.



Chimiaran Mission:

As Polymer additives manufacturer, Chimiaran products engaged with high quality. 



Chimiaran Co., the manufacturer of polymer additives was founded in 1994 with an emphasis on “customer focus” and compliance with “high quality product principles”.


This company in alignment with its quality management policies has chosen the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 as its guide and has committed itself to comply with the requirements of interested parties and improving the effectiveness of its processes.


The strategic directions of the company include expanding products exports and increasing sales of specialized products which in this context, the framework of the following objectives are considered:


  • Increasing the amount of export in current markets
  • Creating new export markets
  • Increasing the sales of thermal Stabilizers in PVC Cables and Door & Window profiles market.


I have been implemented the aforementioned policies through planned quality objectives and I urge employees, as the most prominent company assets, to endeavor to realize the specified policies.


Managing Director of Chimiaran Co.



• Mohammad Taghi Ghiasi                                                                                         

• Date of Birth: 6 May 1951

Summary of qualifications:
• Education: B.S in electronic engineering from Tabriz

  Professional experiences:
• Entrepreneur and founder ofChimiaran Co. from 1986-present.
• Entrepreneur and founder of Vinoplastic Co. from 1988-present.

1- Head
ofdirectorate of PVC Pipes and Fittings Association from 2004-2007
2- Member
ofdirectorate of PVC Pipes and Fittings Association from 2007-present.

1. Appreciation letter for Effective Manager inproduction of PVC Additives, granted by the Association of Plastic Industries.
2. Acknowledgement letter of Effective Manager of the national production granted by the Plastic Industries Magazine.


Certificates of Chimiaran Company:
1. Chimiaran’s Inventions
2. Research Certificate
3. Accredited Lab certificate

Awards of Chimiaran Company:
1. Elected for the Best Management in 7th Plastic Industry Festival 2010
2. Plastic Industry Exhibition 2008


Certificates and Awards:








Chimiaran’s Inventions:


ثبت اختراع برای شرکت کیمیاران    

Research Certificate:



Accredited Lab Certificate: 



Award of Chimiaran company:

Elected for the Best Management in 7th Plastic Industry Festival 2010:



Plastic Industry Exhibition 2008:




Chimiaran Co. has a considerable potential for overseas market, regarding its products diversity, quality and cost-competitiveness and also its geological position.
This company has started its export activities
since 2007. Our wide industrial experience, new marketing methods, understanding client requirements and thus formulating chemicals in accordance with international standards considerations, have helped us to consolidate our foothold in the global market since then.
Right now, Chimiaran exports more than sixty kinds of additives include PVC stabilizers and also PE waxes to various countries like Iraq, India, China, Ukraine, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. We are expanding our range of products as well as our export destinations. For more information contact us.