Chimiaran Co. Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes


• Mohammad Taghi Ghiasi  
• Date of Birth: 6 May 1951

Summary of qualifications:
• Education: B.S in electronic engineering from Tabriz university

  Professional experiences:
• Entrepreneur and founder of
Chimiaran Co. from 1986-present.
• Entrepreneur and founder of Vinoplastic Co. from 1988-present.

1- Head of directorate of PVC Pipes and Fittings Association from 2004-2007
2- Member of directorate of PVC Pipes and Fittings Association from 2007-present.

1. Appreciation letter for Effective Manager in
production of PVC Additives, granted by the Association of Plastic Industries.
2. Acknowledgement letter of Effective Manager of the national production granted by the Plastic Industries Magazine.

Certificates of Chimiaran Company:
1. Chimiaran’s Inventions
2. Research Certificate
3. Accredited Lab certificate

Awards of Chimiaran Company:
1. Elected for the Best Management in 7th Plastic Industry Festival 2010
2. Plastic Industry Exhibition 2008