Chimiaran Co. Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes

About Chimiaran Polymer Institute

Chimiaran co. has gained knowledge and awareness of the problems which producers face due to the presence in the industry. This company, with the aim to increase knowledge, has established Chimiaran Polymer Institute which certificated by Standard Administration of Iran in 2010.


• Increasing applied knowledge in factories and production workshops.

• Training professionals.

• Training new staff of production units.

• Advise clients on the feasibility of the design, equipment selection, purchase, installation, modification, formulation and process improvement.

• Training Chimiaran staff.  



• Training classes – Scientific Applied classes for clients.

• Training courses in manufacturing plants.

• Conferences and seminars to raise knowledge of producers.


Chimiaran Polymer Institute due to the feasibility of U-PVC pipes, fittings and profiles and also having an equipped laboratory which is approved by Iranian Standard Administration in testing raw materials, is also able to hold workshops. Titles of training courses in Science – Applied Institute is in the following table: