Chimiaran Co. Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes

Mission and Vision

Chimiaran Vision:

To become an international corporation.


Chimiaran Mission:

As Polymer additives manufacturer, Chimiaran products engaged with high quality. 



Quality policy of chimiaran Co

Chimiaran Co , producer of polymer additives ,was founded in 1994 , by focusing on  the principle of customer orientation and observing the principles of quality in its  products .
This company with the mission of production and supply of high quality, innovative, and green polymer additives in accordance with technology and up to date knowledge which is adequate to customer’s  needs and requirements, contributing to develop of the country’s economy and the promotion of Iran's position in the international arena. In this regard, selected the international standard ISO9001:2015 and committed to meet the requirements of the beneficiaries and improve the effectiveness of its processes.
The strategic orientation of the organization is based on the product and market development approach, becoming the best workplace in Iran, entering to the top 200 companies in Iran and becoming an international company by considering the following values.
- Acceptance of diversity and multiplicity
-moral appreciation and positive energy 
- Responsibility and responsiveness
- Learning and teaching
Creativity and innovation
- Systematic thinking

I have implemented the above mentioned policies by planning quality goals and asked employees as the most important and main assets of the company to make efforts to achieve the defined policies.



CEO : Mahshid Ghiasi