Chimiaran Co. Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes

Engineering Services And Consultation

Chimiaran co. is committed to deliver services which include efficient response to customer, sharing the problem solving ideas based on key factors of flexibility and optimization of client processes. One of the main objectives of Chimiaran is long term supply by staying in touch with customers from the first steps of production to the final qualified manufacturing step. We pride ourselves on being innovative, responsive and flexible to service the most demanding needs from customers all around the world.


Best Quality, Reasonable Price, Customer Support are always Chimiaran’s valuable standards.


Besides the company’s engineering service department, our laboratory relies on the equipment such as torque rheometer Brabender Plastograph which is ready to fulfill ideas with the lowest costs and the best results. We can also simulate injection moulding processes with our injection moulding machine to analyze every detail which affects this forming process and find out a cost-effective technical solution that will suit customer the best.