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What is sustainability


Sustainability means stableness and resistance. But, what is the relationship between sustainability and environmental approaches in economy, industry and management


One of the needed skills for the modern mankind is looking ahead and going beyond his/her life scope. Individual or organization with this skill can recognize the problems before happening


The scope shouldn’t be limited just to individual or organizational matters; but also must be included the Issues and concerns of the humanitarian community from the past to present. For instance, environment and related issues is one of the most important concerns


Managing our products in a safe and sustainable manner respect to environmental concerns, maintenance and preserve planning for the future generations of humans requires strategy and move. We are not the owner of the world. We are responsible. This is the point. Consequently, we should pay full attention to environmental sustainability and protecting it for our children in our targeting program. So, sustainability is a resistance with a special attention to environment


According to this view, Chimiaran co. does his best on designing, producing and supplying the eco-friendly products (sanitary stabilizers based on Calcium/ Zinc) to afford its commitment to the environment


Note that these products have suitable practical grades with high quality so can compete with similar foreign products in domestic and international markets as well