Chimiaran Co. manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and PE waxes

Mission and Vision

Chimiaran Vision:

To become an international corporation.


Chimiaran Mission:

As Polymer additives manufacturer, Chimiaran products engaged with high quality. 



Chimiaran Co., the manufacturer of polymer additives was founded in 1994 with an emphasis on “customer focus” and compliance with “high quality product principles”.


This company in alignment with its quality management policies has chosen the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 as its guide and has committed itself to comply with the requirements of interested parties and improving the effectiveness of its processes.


The strategic directions of the company include expanding products exports and increasing sales of specialized products which in this context, the framework of the following objectives are considered:


  • Increasing the amount of export in current markets
  • Creating new export markets
  • Increasing the sales of thermal Stabilizers in PVC Cables and Door & Window profiles market.


I have been implemented the aforementioned policies through planned quality objectives and I urge employees, as the most prominent company assets, to endeavor to realize the specified policies.


Managing Director of Chimiaran Co.